Heywire story telling competition

Heywire story telling competition
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Who is eligible?

You must be aged 16-22 on 31 January 2017. You must also live in Australia, but not in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney. Check your eligibility here.

I am 15 now, so am I eligible?

You might be. If you turn 16 by 31 January 2017 you are eligible. If you are still 15 on that day, don't be put off, you can enter your story as usual and you will be automatically entered in next year's competition.

I live in a large town like Canberra, Darwin, Newcastle or Hobart, can I enter?

Yep, anywhere in Australia apart from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth.

Are there specific topics that my story should be about?

No, but you story must be a true story about you and/or your community. It might be a personal story about an aspect of your life; a challenge that you've overcome; something you'd like to change about your community; or simply why you like living where you do. You can check out the list of popular topics that others have written about at the bottom of this page.

What makes a good Heywire story?

Check out our top 10 tips for creating a great Heywire entry.

Can I submit a video? Photos? Or a song?

Sure can! Your entry can be in any format: audio, video, photos or text. Read our tips on producing audio, video and photo entries.

What do I get if I win the Heywire competition?

You get to work with ABC staff to professionally produce your story. Then it gets featured on ABC Radio and/or abc.net.au. To cap it all off, you win an all-expenses paid trip to the very prestigious and very awesome Heywire Regional Youth Summit.

How long should my story be?

There is no hard and fast limit, but we recommend text entries be roughly 400 words, video and audio be 2-4 minutes and series of photos contain roughly 5 images that tell a story.

Am I allowed to enter more than one story in the competition?

Yes, you can submit as many stories as you like. We have several contributors who use Heywire as space to blog regularly. This is encouraged!

Can I submit a fictional story?

Heywire is about you and your community, so we only accept true stories or opinion pieces.

What about group entries?

The heart of Heywire is an individual telling a personal story. Group work can be submitted as long as the group understands that only one person from the group will be declared a winner and get the chance to go to the Heywire Regional Youth Summit in Canberra if the entry wins. It's critical that one person is identified as the main writer/author, because it's that personal story that will be judged as the Heywire entry.

What on earth is the Heywire Regional Youth Summit?

All is revealed here.

How can I enter the Heywire Competition?

1) The easiest, most convenient and most popular way is by clicking the Enter Now button in the header of this page and submitting your story online.

2) But there's still good old fashioned snail mail.
Include your full name, date of birth, address and parents permission if you happen to be under 18.
Post to:
Heywire competition
GPO Box 9994
Melbourne VIC 3001

3) Or an entry can be e-mailed
Include your full name, date of birth, address and parents permission if you happen to be under 18.


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