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Questacon's travelling exhibition Mathamazing encourages visitors to playfully explore maths concepts through logic puzzles and mathematical models. The exhibition is targeted at visitors aged 12 years and above, but two Mega Maths Puzzle exhibits can be enjoyed by younger visitors.
Mathamazing’s 30 exhibits (including five large floor-based Mega Maths Puzzles) and suitcase puzzle sets containing 60 maths puzzles, present some calculating conundrums, trippy trigonometry, perplexing puzzles and ginormous geometry.
Each Mathamazing experience will inspire mathematical curiosity and confidence, whilst also building understanding of mathematical concepts. Secondary maths teachers will find many opportunities to engage their students through hands-on, mathematically-rich topics such as conics, topology, number theory, probability and statistics, logic and problem solving.
This exhibition is suitable for metropolitan or regional venues. View descriptions of each exhibit or visit the hire page for technical specifications and venue requirements.


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