We want to make learning your favourite playtime activity. That's how it should be: we learn best when we're relaxed, curious and confident, and, after all, the world is a very interesting place.

So we've turned learning facts and language into a game where you grow a colourful garden of memory. When you learn a new word, think of it as planting a new seed in your memory. Then every time you review that memory you help it to grow a little bit - like watering a little flower. By reviewing at the right time you help it grow as fast as possible. Soon you’ll have a glorious garden full of flower-memories - it's like a guiltless video-game!


I've just started using this app hand-in-hand with Duolingo and it's absolutely accelerated my learning and understanding! Memrise focuses more on vocabulary using various different methods of listening, writing, reading, translating. One of the best tools is "Mems" where people have added mnemonics to remember words, such as "ARNAV Schwartzrabbit, the body building bunny." Just love this way of enhancing language learning.

emmarieaustin | August 21, 2016

Love it! It is making learning fun. I've started learning 3 areas that I'm interested in that I wouldn't have otherwise

Magnon | August 17, 2016
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