Stop Disasters!

Stop Disasters!

Education is key for reducing children’s risks to disasters. Children are one of the most vulnerable groups when disasters occur. If we teach them from the early age about the risks posed by natural hazards, children will have a better chance to save their lives during disasters.

This on-line game aims at teaching children how to build safer villages and cities against disasters. Children will learn how the location and the construction materials of houses can make a difference when disasters strike and how early warning systems, evacuation plans and education can save lives.

Children are the future architects, mayors, doctors, and parents of the world of tomorrow, if they know what to do to reduce the impact of disasters, they will create a safer world.

How long does it take?
Each scenario takes between 10 and 20 minutes to play, depending on the disaster you are trying to prevent and your skill level. There are five scenarios to play, and each can be played on easy, medium or hard difficulty levels.

What age do you need to be to play?
The core audience is 9-16 year old children, but anyone can play and enjoy the game, and everyone will learn more about preventing disasters.


This is a game that really draws you in. Even though 10-20 minutes seems like a long time it goes really fast as you try to use as many tactics as possible. I found this game quite challenging...and I'm a teacher! In my first game my whole city burnt down and it didn't tell me what I did wrong. In my second game I played with the smaller map and used different tactics and nothing burnt down except a few trees! I would recommend starting with the small map and brainstorming a strategy with friends before starting. Also, definitely turn on the "Show Risk" option at the bottom so you can see which areas you need to focus on the most. Good luck!

Amy | March 4, 2017
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