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Classroom game: dominoes

While teaching yesterday, I came up with an idea for a game. I warned the students that, since I had literally just come up with it, it might be a complete flop. However, I took a vote at the end of the lesson and my students all agreed that this was a game worth sharing with others.

How to play Dominoes:

  1. Students choose two words from a set list. (My students chose adjectives to describe themselves, but you could use just about anything, from maths problems to historically significant events!)
  2. Students have to move around the room looking for people who match one of their words. When they find someone, they link arms. Each person then needs to find someone who matches their second word.


Greg’s two words are short and loud.





Greg asks people in the class if they have chosen the words “short” or “loud”. Greg finds out that Blake has “short” as one of his words, so they link arms.






Now, Greg has to find someone with the word “loud” while Blake has to find someone with the word “happy”.





When one group has formed a chain of 5 or more people, tell the class that they have 1 minute left. The group with the longest chain wins.

Bonus challenge:

As a class, try to create the largest circle possible by having two end people link arms.

Musical alphabet

Everyone learns in a unique way, and this video was made for those who learn best through music! Follow the orange dot with your finger and hum along with this upbeat tune as you learn how to write the letters of the alphabet.

Feel free to request other music styles and font types!

Click here to download a printable worksheet with the Queensland beginner’s font a to z set on red and blue guidelines.

My habitat, my home

My winning entry to the 2016 Indigiscapes Photo and Film competition! Learn about native animals have to compete with pests for a home in their favourite natural habitat.

Math Mayhem: 500-387 puzzle pieces

I started off with a box of 500 puzzle pieces, then my cat knocked it off the table, and I’ve found 387 so far. How many more do I need to find?

See the answer:

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Continents of the World – song, dance and animation!

I made this video after realising how hard it was for my 5th grade students to quickly grasp where each continent was on a map. This is a great tool to help students remember not just where continents are, but what they look like, with native music and animals thrown in for a bit of fun!

Scroll down for freebies including lyrics, posters and printables!

Actions and lyric video:


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12 Simple Ways to Defend the Planet

An engaging short film about recycling, plus 11 other ways to waste less and help the environment. Scroll to the bottom for spoilers! Also, make sure you comment below with your own ideas!


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The Hunt – Cartesian Planes

Things you learn at Teacher School: how to explain Cartesian planes using a video camera and nerf guns! A big shout out to Jodie, my partner in crime.



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