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Celebrate Learning is all about discovering fun ways to learn, and now you can receive fun, customised, hands on workshops! Workshops are available on weekdays in the Greater Brisbane Region, including Logan, Redlands, East Ipswich and Redcliffe. Workshops are led by Amy Damant, a qualified teacher with years of experience designing fun and engaging learning experiences.

Choose a workshop:


  • Hands on spelling – use lego, shaving cream and pipe cleaners to learn sounds, blends, prefixes and more
  • Creative writing – use dice, pass the parcel and musical chairs to discover how imagery makes writing more exciting
  • Poetry and song writing – look for rhymes, rhythm and patterns in songs and poems to help you create your own
  • Drama games and public speaking – build confidence with great games, funny scripts and tricky tongue twisters
  • Story making with film and photography – discover how the script, shots and music combine to create an epic film


  • Maths in the kitchen* – use kitchen scales, measuring cups and some smart thinking to make tasty take-home treats
  • Create a giant board game – learn about chance, grids and multiplication then design and make your own giant board game
  • Math Mystery – logic and reasoning sure come in handy when you have a code to crack and time is running out


  • Art + Science – use a variety of different media to make beautiful creations while learning about animals, plants and more
  • Crime Lab*  – use your powers of deduction and some surprisingly common household items to solve the crime


  • Introduction to block coding – discover the joy of coding with hands on activities, visual props, Scratch and
  • Introduction to HTML & CSS – create your own comic using nothing but code, a camera and your imagination
  • Make music with Makey Makey* – experiment with different conductors of electricity to turn a circuit board into an instrument
  • Entrepreneurship with Makey Makey* – find, validate and solve a real-world problem using touch based technology


  • Discover Japan – immerse yourself in the culture and language of this beautiful country with songs, stories and games


Price List

(subject to change)

Package name Group size Price per child Discounted rate^
Individual  1  $50/hour  $37.50/hour
Family  2-4  $30/hour  $20/hour
Small group  5-20  $10/hour  $7.50/hour

Recommended age gap:
Each workshop is tailored to suit the age of the learners. To make this easier, it is best to have a maximum span of 4 years from the oldest to the youngest learner. For example, a group of 6-9 year olds, 8-11 year olds or 13-16 year olds.

Customisations: For customised workshops, including larger groups, school incursions, weekend events and other content areas, simply get in touch!

^Discounts: Discounts are available when 5+ sessions are booked and paid for in advance and for 4+ hours in one day in one location.

*Additional fees: Additional fees may apply for venue bookings and special materials (e.g. allergy free ingredients)

Terms & Conditions:

Below is a brief summary of the Terms & Conditions. Please click here to read the full Terms & Conditions before booking a workshop.

  • You agree that you have read and agree to be bound by the full Terms and Conditions.
  • You will pay on or before the day by cash or electronic transfer.
  • A parent or carer of each participant will be available during the workshop to assist if needed.
  • A refund, partial refund or rescheduled session may be available if a child is asked to be removed. A child may be removed due to behaviour issues, sickness or if the child no longer wishes to participate.
  • Workshops may be cancelled by either party in which case a refund, partial refund or rescheduled session may be available.
  • Celebrate Learning will not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of personal property.
  • A child must not participate if he or she is not feeling well or has any known medical condition affecting their ability to participate safely in the workshop.




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