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Dare me to do something new!

I have had some requests to do a “Challenge” video, so here is your opportunity to be a little more specific and dare me to learn something new!


Hey there fellow learners! Today I am giving you the opportunity you’ve been asking me for – dare me to do something new! Maybe you want to try something but you don’t know where to start. Just comment below what you think I should learn next and I’ll keep a video record with the tips and tricks I use to learn it myself! Since we’re all about learning, I’m not going to do something crazy like jump out of a plane, although I hear there is quite a lot of training involved in that (please no heights, please no heights, please no heights). Will I be counting to 100 in a foreign language, learning how to tango or trying out karate? It’s up to you, so comment below and remember to celebrate learning!

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