Fort Lytton’s History Alive Festival

So many time periods, so little time! Join me on this fun tour around Fort Lytton’s History Alive Festival and discover all of the exciting opportunities to Celebrate Learning.


Today I am here at the History Alive Festival in Fort Lytton. I’ve seen World War 2 soldiers escorting medieval princesses; so many time periods, so little time…I’d better get moving!

We are here at the children’s costume festival. Now girls, tell me what you are dressed up as.

“I am dressed up as an 1870s Australian Sydney lady.”

So 1870s, cool, and how about you?

“And I’m from the gold rush and I own a store.”

You own a store? What do you sell in your store?


Clothes? I imagine clothes would get pretty dirty there, they’d probably get holes. Well, do you want to give me a curtsy? Do you curtsy in your time period?

“Today here is a celebration of all the different historic things that happened in the past, by a lot of different groups and historians who are trying to recreate what was in the past. Understanding the past helps us understand today because, in theory, the mistakes we made in the past we should not make in the future, and that is for us all to learn.”

Whether you’re a Victorian lady or a knight in training, make sure you’re at Fort Lytton the next time history comes alive.

Celebrate Learning!

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