My ideal school

5 “easy” steps to creating a super awesome new mode of education! (Okay, easy is totally a stretch, but I do believe education is set to change in the future and I want to be a part of it!)


Hey there fellow learners. Today I want to talk to you about how to start my ideal school

Step 1. Create a database of all the awesome learning opportunities available, from local classes to online videos and games

Step 2. Find enthusiastic, open-minded students interested in pursuing their passions to a whole new level (sports junkie, computer nerd, cat lady in training, history buff, the poet)

Step 3. Hire some highly quality mentors to help match learners with awesome opportunities (budgeting for sports junkies 101)

Step 4. Create an easy to use and visually awesome tracking tool to help students record and reflect on their progress (log hours, upload photos, request feedback)

Step 5. Unleash awesomeness on the world!

That’s pretty much it! No walls, no bells and no assignments other than those you set and reflect on yourself. So far I’ve initiated step 1 which you can check out at If you want to help me make this awesome idea a reality, make sure you like, comment, share and subscribe. And remember Celebrate Learning!

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