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Can you keep a convict ship afloat long enough to reach Australia? That’s what you’ll have to do in this awesome, edu-game called The Voyage.

I had so much fun playing this game! I love the funny yet historical animations and the wide variety of decisions you need to make in order to succeed. I needed to play a couple of times to get the hang of it and there were a few bugs when I played on my laptop but on my iPad it worked perfectly. My favourite mini game was catching flying fish!


Voyage is a great game created by the Australian National Maritime Museum in partnership with Roar Film, Screen Australia and Screen Tasmania. It starts off with a little animation with some historical info and funny commentary. Have a read through the helpful tips as they pop up and explain the different parts of the screen. Basically you have your food, water and gold in the top left with a paper icon that will shows you your supplies, and on the top right is your mood, health and number of convicts still alive as well as a paper icon that will show you your sick patients and an eye icon that takes you straight to the convict quarters. You can also get to the convict quarters via the ship icon in the bottom left as well as all of the other rooms on the ship.

The first step is to choose your ship. Pick a ship with a decent speed but don’t pick something if it says it doesn’t cope well with storms. Next pick your captain. You have some mean ones, a risk taker, a jolly captain who might drink a bit too much and a young captain with limited experience. I prefer firm discipline over risk taking what with all those rowdy convicts to keep in line so I’m going to pick Captain George Goodman.

Next you need to pick your supplies. This part is important because if you spend all of your gold straight away you won’t be able to buy anything on the trip. I am going to get rid of anything I think isn’t essential, including hard-boiled lollies which could cause toothaches, not going to bother with rum, limit the amount of other supplies like flour because I can pick some up later and I’ll increase sauerkraut which helps with scurvy and lasts longer than fresh fruit.

Next up is a tricky game where you have to sort the supplies as they fall on the ship. The top row is mostly for the passengers while the bottom is best for barrels of water. Have a look at the rooms, then click start loading.

I didn’t realise that room was for soldiers. Oh well, I lost some time there. If you take too long you the game will be over so try not to make too many mistakes.

Now we need to pick some convicts, preferably ones that aren’t diseased or badly behaved. I like to pick people who have a trade since they would be more useful in starting up a colony, but that doesn’t really matter for this game. When you pick your overseer go for someone strong but well behaved, like Paul, and for the assistant choose someone literate like Henry.

We’re just about to launch but first we have to catch some rats! I find it way easier to play this on a touch screen so you can use more than one finger. Just touch the rats to make them disappear. Rats can be a big problem eating food and spreading diseases so you’ll need to spend a bit of time catching them along the way.

Finally we can set sail. Avoid the boats and head for the English channel. There is no rush here so take your time. Aim to get as close as you can before going into the current and remember to watch out for boats! That was close…

You can click on the trail icon to see where you should go, but basically just aim for the port. You can click anywhere inside your circle, but watch out that you don’t crash onto the land. You can speed up your travel time in the settings menu. On the way you can catch flying fish, wash clothes, make the crew dance and also catch rats and weevils. You can wait for pop ups or do them any time by exploring the ship.

To catch fish, just move your net around until it has 10 fish then click to empty your net. You can feed the fish to your crew by going to supplies and increasing rations. I would recommend halving rations if you are worried about running out of food.

You can buy food at any of the ports providing you have some gold left. I like to buy a minimum of 1000 barrels of water, basic foods like flour and corn and some fresh fruit. Remember to adjust the food rations so the fruit gets eaten before it goes off. When you leave the port you will probably be told that rats have come aboard.

Simply tap on the rats to get rid of them. Try to do this at least once between each port.

If you want to make it all the way to Australia without runaways or a mutiny, it’s important to keep the convicts healthy and happy.

When you wash clothes, just move the clothes from the dirty basket, into the water and onto the line. Spreading them out seems to help them dry quicker but it ridiculously impossible to have all of the clothes dry and in the basket before the time runs out. It doesn’t matter too much as long as you try.

The other thing you can do is get the convicts to dance. This is the easiest way to improve their mood. As long as all of the convicts are dancing, their mood will go up. You can wait for the convicts to get bored before tapping on them or you can just tap all of them the whole time.

The further along in your journey you get, the more likely you will be faced with sick convicts. Drag symptoms into the boxes on the left. If one has a cross, drag it back and choose a different one. If you have three correct symptoms, you should only have one disease to choose from. You can read about the symptoms, diseases and treatments by clicking on the book icon. For some reason I couldn’t do this on my Mac but it works fine on the iPad. Choose the treatments you think would work. For anything contagious, make sure you isolate the patient so it doesn’t spread. If a disease is contagious, you can end up with dozens of sick patients and you won’t even be notified, so keep an eye on the patient list by clicking the paper icon in the top right. It might be a good idea to slow down the clock now so you can keep on top of everything. You can treat lots of patients at once if you know what is wrong with them. Untreated patients will die, which is bad…you can get fired for that.

If you want to see how you are going, check out the journal in the bottom right corner. This will tell you what has been happening, for example if any convicts have died lately.

If you make it to Cape Town without being fired, drowning, running out of food or being overtaken by rats, congratulations! Feel free to spend the rest of your money here buying final supplies. This is also a good time to do some more fishing because somewhere in the last leg of your journey you will probably encounter a storm, and storms are bad for fishing apparently.

When you encounter a storm, you will have to choose the order in which to complete a list of jobs. Basically, just start with the storm related stuff -> the anchor, the sails and them lamps. I don’t know if the boat can catch on fire, but it would be a shame if it did. The last thing to do is to scrub the deck, if you get time. After all of that preparation, you will either breeze through the storm, skip the storm completely or lose time completing repairs.

Double check that your patients are healthy, feed everyone chocolate and have a little dance party, because by now you should have reached Van Deimen’s Land a.k.a Tasmania! Hopefully with less casualties than I did.

In total I fished 7 times, had 3 dance parties, went on 4 rat hunts, did 5 loads of washing, did 1 round of weevil catching and treated 22 patients, only 2 of which died. Not too bad, but I bet you can do better!

I would love to hear how you go and if there are any other educational games you would like to see, comment below, and make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out!

Celebrate Learning!

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