Ladybird Learning – Tutoring

Ladybird Learning offers educational services and resources for people experiencing learning difficulties. Specialised tutoring and academic assessment services are available in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Pine Rivers and Caboolture.  Using ‘Learning to Learn’ skills, Ladybird Learning specialises in in Dyslexia Therapy, Literacy, Numeracy, and Mathematics.  Students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities can be assisted at the different times of learning in their lives e.g. apprenticeships.  Ladybird Learning also provides a supportive consultancy service which displays and models additional strategies for parents, including those who are home-schooling their children with learning difficulties.

Tutoring services

Speciality areas for tutoring include:

*  Literacy – Reading, Spelling and Comprehension

*  Phonological Awareness and Auditory Analysis

*  Dyslexia Therapy

*  Numeracy – Let’s Talk Maths

*  Mathematics

*  Life skills – including telling time, using money and forms

*  Multisensory Learning

*  Learning How to Learn

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